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Gadgets for Geeks to Drool Over [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Gadgets for Geeks to Drool Over

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Wireless Networking [Mar. 27th, 2008|11:26 am]
Gadgets for Geeks to Drool Over

What is the ultimate wireless access point these days?

I've read enough bad reviews of the Linksys WRT600N to be completely turned off by it. I know the WRT54 is the normal workhorse. But I'm not really worried about the cost on this one. So if money was no object and you were just looking for the ultimate WAP which product would you go with?
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Solid State Musical Tesla Coil [Jun. 11th, 2007|10:45 pm]
Gadgets for Geeks to Drool Over

It's a solid state polyphonic Tesla coil. There's something you don't see everyday... check that. there is something you very likely have never seen before.

the side bar contains them playing all kinds of music with a pair of them 1812 overture, tertris theme, the theme from Jaws, etc.
Please post around :)
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squeeeeeeeeeee! [Feb. 17th, 2006|12:55 pm]
Gadgets for Geeks to Drool Over

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want this. it's got everything: a deeply geeky operating principle *and* pretty lights. pretty liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiights.
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Decked Out Dock [Jan. 13th, 2006|09:25 am]
Gadgets for Geeks to Drool Over

Seems I'm on an iPod Accessory kick lately. Maybe its my new purchase of a 5G iPod or maybe I am still catching up with all the post CES/MacWorld new products...

This is a steal.

TuneCenter - Griffin Technology

For $99 you get an iPod Dock that works with every iPod from 3g and up. The TuneCenter dock puts the iPod info, music, pictures, and videos on your tv/entertainment system. Gives you a remote to control it all from a distance, and gives you wired or wireless access to internet radio stations.

Apple has a $99 iPod AV Connection Kit. That includes a power adapter, Dock, and A/V Cables.

For umm, no more money you can get the TuneCenter from Griffin which has a better looking interface, better remote, wireless music, and a very brushed metal dock that looks like the rest of my Home Theatre equipment.


Unfortunately now I have to return my dock set up to the apple store for a refund, so I can get my tune center on pre-order, again reenforcing the rule I already knew. Never buy new electronics before CES.

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The onslaught of 360 accesories begins [Nov. 14th, 2005|03:25 pm]
Gadgets for Geeks to Drool Over

So perhaps its just because of my impending "major award" that I am noticing these things. Or perhaps its because the XBox 360 is the Christmas gift this year.

The parade of XBox compatible accessories has begun, and one in particular has already caught my eye as a must have.

Logitech´s New Harmony Remote Delivers Advanced Control for Microsoft´s Xbox 360

I have been looking at the Harmony series of universal remotes for a while. The ability to download info off the net, and upload it to a remote is great. As Home theater components change, this means your remote can stay the same, just download the latest configurations to your Harmony remote and off you go.

Now Logitech is putting out one that is preprogrammed to work with the xBox 360. Since the 360 can stream music, videos and pictures from other networked Microsoft Windows XP computers, not only will it be a great console game system. it will be the center of your entertainment system as well. One remote that can control the 360, and your tv, your amp, your dvd player, your vcr, your cd carousel, and whatever else you have hanging out in there.

Now unfortunately, all this convenience doesn't come cheap. $100 (including a $30 rebate) makes for a pricey universal remote. But considering you get every feature on your OEM remote, can control every device you have, and will make it simple for your wife, mother in law, or two year old, to just watch tv. Its a bargain.

This just made my Christmas list.

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Skin and Souls [Aug. 16th, 2005|11:01 am]
Gadgets for Geeks to Drool Over

Robots get covered in skin

Artificial skin has been invented to enable robots to experience the sensation of touch.

Some can run, others can track your movements, and there are even ones that can vacuum the lounge and clean your pool. The rise of the robots is in full swing people, and now they're in line for a serious upgrade - robot skin! This new invention will enable them to feel pressure and temperature.

According to the BBC, researchers at the University of Tokyo created the robo-skin by weaving circuits, sensors and countless other bits of clever kit into a thin plastic-like film. And it's reported to be flexible enough to cover every awkwardly-shaped inch of a robot.

It doesn't stop there though. Although this robo-skin is intended to mimic human skin, future versions will include non-human sensory abilities such as light and strain-measuring.

Click on BBC for source
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(no subject) [Aug. 22nd, 2005|08:54 pm]
Gadgets for Geeks to Drool Over

Thought you might all be interested to see this:

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Levitating Fun [Aug. 13th, 2005|11:36 pm]
Gadgets for Geeks to Drool Over

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Cool flying globe

title or description

Available from here

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enter the next step in keyboard evolution... [Jul. 17th, 2005|02:26 am]
Gadgets for Geeks to Drool Over

[Current Mood |excitedexcited]

first there was the keyboard, not much in the way of improvements have been made really if you think about it. I can only think of a handful suchas ergonomic keyboards and the occasional dvorak or maltron comes along...

then earlier this year ergodex finally released the DX1 which allows users to create their own keyboards to suit their hands and their needs, with a custom built macro button that allows you to record functions to keys on the fly via hardware. (very cool) but for as cool as the dx1 is there's one thing it's missing that our latest keyboard has...

tiny oled screens on the keys!

(english, russian, quake, photoshop setups shown above)
the optimus keyboard features a completely customizeable look and functionality that can even be changed depending on what program or language you happen to be using at the moment. AND incase you're too lazy to read the site
"Frequently Answered Answers about the Optimus keyboard
It's in initial stage of production
We hope it will be released in 2006
It will cost less than a good mobile phone
It will be real
It will be OS-independent (at least it can work in some default state with any OS)
It will support any language or layout
Moscow is the capital of Russia
Each key could be programmed to produce any sequence
It will be an open-source keyboard, SDK will be available
Some day it will be split ('ergonomic')
It will most likely use OLED technology (e-paper is sooo slow)
Our studio is located two blocks from the Kremlin
It will feature a key-saver
Keys will use animation when needed
It has numeric keypad because we love it
There's no snow in Moscow during Summer
It will be available worldwide (why not?)
OEM will be possible (why not?)
Contact us for hi-res images, or interview inquires"
now who amongst you is not drooling thinking of the possibilities?
x-posted to geeks and geekgadgets
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Now that's cool. [Jul. 13th, 2005|09:44 am]
Gadgets for Geeks to Drool Over
Browse pics and text messages wirelessly on e-paper

Fujitsu has announced the launch of bendy electronic paper that can store and display images wirelessly.

Bendable colour screens have been in the pipeline for some time (see related links), but Fujitsu is the first company to announce a wireless version that it hopes will hit shops sometime between April 2006 and March 2007.

According to Fujitsu its newly developed e-paper features an image memory function that enables “continuous display of the same image without the need for electricity”, although it does require a smidge of power to switch images. Plus, the images don’t warp or lose quality when the e-paper is bent or rolled up.

Fujitsu has even outlined some applications for its smarty-pants paper, including wireless transfer of photos and text messages from mobiles onto the ultra-portable e-paper. Here are just a few other uses it envisages for launch:

It can offer more convenient digital-media devices that can be carried from room to room in the home.
Operating manuals and other short-term information displays, facilitating the trend toward paperless offices or factories.
Electronic shelf display tags, restaurant menus, and other in-store uses. Can also be used for pricing displays or product information displays that stand out in full color and can be readily updated.
Fujitsu is planning to showcase its smarty-pants paper at the Fujitsu Forum 2005 (14-15 July)

Source: http://www.t3.co.uk/news/general/general/browse_pics_and_texts_wirelessly_on_e-paper
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