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Decked Out Dock - Gadgets for Geeks to Drool Over [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Decked Out Dock [Jan. 13th, 2006|09:25 am]
Gadgets for Geeks to Drool Over


Seems I'm on an iPod Accessory kick lately. Maybe its my new purchase of a 5G iPod or maybe I am still catching up with all the post CES/MacWorld new products...

This is a steal.

TuneCenter - Griffin Technology

For $99 you get an iPod Dock that works with every iPod from 3g and up. The TuneCenter dock puts the iPod info, music, pictures, and videos on your tv/entertainment system. Gives you a remote to control it all from a distance, and gives you wired or wireless access to internet radio stations.

Apple has a $99 iPod AV Connection Kit. That includes a power adapter, Dock, and A/V Cables.

For umm, no more money you can get the TuneCenter from Griffin which has a better looking interface, better remote, wireless music, and a very brushed metal dock that looks like the rest of my Home Theatre equipment.


Unfortunately now I have to return my dock set up to the apple store for a refund, so I can get my tune center on pre-order, again reenforcing the rule I already knew. Never buy new electronics before CES.


[User Picture]From: robbi_kenobi
2006-02-12 08:52 am (UTC)
Yeah, I'm a totall ipod junkie.I had my new 30 gig video stolen and I had to replace it right away, I was so hooked. If you like to laugh about how stupid I am read my webcomic. Robbi is a good example of the worst of my personality.
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